The Twin Cities Begin Mega Sewer Reconstruction Project

For residents of the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, we have some good news. The city is currently working on a sewer pipeline rehabilitation project using the most up to date process of CIPP. Corrosion has eaten away at the vast network of hidden pipes in the Twin Cities’ wastewater system, which is why the city is pursuing the largest rehabilitation effort in the system’s history. This will be a multi-million dollar overhaul in order to restructure the deteriorating regional sewer system. More than 100 miles of pipe, some of it buried beneath rivers, interstates and railroad tracks, is under construction or scheduled for an upgrade over the next decade. In order to reroute wastewater prior to the rehabilitation, there will be temporary pipes installed above ground to handle the flow. Interestingly, Minneapolis is the region’s largest producer of wastewater.

Perma-Liner Industries has been in the CIPP (Cured-in-Place Pipe) business for nearly twenty years, and we know the process well and exactly what goes into relining the city’s existing sewer pipes. The culprits are usually the age of the pipe, cracks or leaks.  So just what are the benefits of this state-of-the-art method of CIPP? The answer is: there are several. CIPP allows for pipes to be rehabilitated in place of traditional open trench replacement that requires excavation, which disturbs the surrounding neighborhoods and businesses. It is less expensive than replacing the pipe and the design life is greater. Also, the work is completed in far less time than traditional open trench pipe replacement construction. To find the best certified installer of this highly efficient and affordable process right near your home, call us. We are here to offer you our best!  1-866-336-2568/


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