Trout Brook Sewer System and Historic Interests

Capitol Region Watershed District (CRWD) owns, operates and maintains the Trout Brook Storm Sewer System, a “trunk conveyor” or interceptor storm sewer that receives runoff from the Cities of Saint Paul, Roseville, Falcon Heights and Maplewood which drains 5,054 acres from those cities and receives water inputs from Como Lake and Lake McCarrons sub watersheds. The total storm water drainage area for Trout Brook is approximately 8,000 acres. Land use in the sub watershed is a mix of residential, industrial and commercial uses with 42% impervious surfaces (i.e., roads, roofs, driveways, alleys and sidewalks). The Trout Brook Storm Sewer consists of 6.5 miles of pipes and tunnels that have diameters of 6 to 13 feet and receives a majority of the runoff from the City of Saint Paul and it does not discharge directly to the Mississippi River; instead it connects to Saint Paul’s trunk sewer, which then discharges into the river just downstream of Lambert’s Landing.

Interesting fact:

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