The Twin Cities Rising and Thriving Infrastructure

The Minneapolis and St. Paul Metropolitan region has put in place a plan to better the community and future residents for years to come.  The initiative is called ThriveMSP. The cities are adapting to infrastructure growth and changes by proactively securing the welfare of its region. Over the next thirty years, the projected growth is 824,000 residents, Two-thirds of this population growth is likely to result from natural growth—more births than deaths and longer life expectancies. The remaining one-third will come from migration as economic opportunities attract migrants from the rest of the nation and world.

The Twin Cities are anticipating challenges which include—constrained fiscal resources, new demands stemming from demographic shifts, emerging environmental challenges, and new regional planning priorities. More than seventy-five years after the construction of the Metro Plant on the Mississippi River, the region’s aging wastewater infrastructure requires ongoing investments to remain effective. The residents of Minneapolis and St. Paul are part of a solid and all-encompassing plan for continuing a quality way of living including resilient economy, vibrant arts, music and theatre communities, professional sports teams, rich cultural diversity, abundant parks, recreational trails, conserved open space, fertile agricultural land, and natural resources. The Minnesota Legislature took unprecedented action to address these challenges. In 1967, the Legislature created the Metropolitan Council and gave it responsibilities for planning and coordinating the region’s growth and setting policies to deal with regional advancements.


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