Minneapolis Water and Road Quality Measures

Road salt poses one of the larger threats to water quality during the winter. Salt splashed from the road kills nearby vegetation and can leave a border of dead and dying trees and shrubs along major roadways. Excess sodium from the most commonly used road salt, sodium chloride, destroys soil structure, which reduces its ability to retain water and increases the amount of erosion. Both sodium and chloride can also leach into subsurface groundwater supplies.  Many cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul included, have begun to experiment with other, less harmful chemicals to keep winter roads ice-free. They are also beginning to apply road salt more regularly, pre-treating major roads before a storm hits and applying only enough salt to keep ice from building up. As a rule of thumb, if there is a layer of salt remaining on your driveway after the ice melts, you used too much salt. If you do have excess sand or salt, sweep it up and throw it away so that it is not washed into the storm sewer or a nearby lake. One teaspoon of salt can contaminate five gallons of water.

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